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arki_lab is pleased to report that the Skole+ project has continued to progress successfully, moving on from the initial interactive workshops dedicated to the generation of ideas from the school community and other local users (see this session in an earlier post). 

In the two most recent workshops, the preliminary ideas and prototypes have been analysed to assess, among other things, similarities between them, their feasibility and the impact they could have on improving physical activity for all users.
The images in this post show workshop #3 which presented these organised and mapped ideas back to the participants of the first two workshops, in order to promote reflection from the users and collect further feedback. Student representatives from the school also voted on the strategies, giving the project leaders an indication of possible directions to take.

 Workshop #4 consisted of arki_lab and the other project partners meeting at our office to collect together these results and discussing the ideas that should be taken forward (click here for more on who’s involved). A booklet for the partners will be produced that will bring together the knowledge gained from the process thus far, including design elements, student questionnaires and a number of the chosen strategies.
The final design for Haarby School is still an ongoing process but one initial proposal is to integrate the nearby sports facilities to the school, improving access and connectivity, thereby encouraging use. 

We are extremely excited to see what will come out of this creative, community-based and user-driven design process. There have been so many great ideas so far, all the way from tree-top walks to parkour!
 Keep an eye on the website for further updates.


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