Why does Urban Planning need Feminism?

Andreea TomaOpinion

The feminist approach to urban planning and development is increasingly gaining ground within our field. But how does feminism fit into the urban context? And how can we actively work with feminist approahces to create better and more inclusive cities? … Read More

Outside Denmark, Inside Japan

Andreas MortensenOpinion

How can we work with the borders between inside and outside to improve the connection between humans and natural and urban surroundings, and how is it done in a megacity like Tokyo? With these questions in the suitcase, we went … Read More

Hvordan løfter vi byens beton?

Andreas MortensenOpinion

Hvordan kan Danmarks udsatte boligområder styrkes og gøres velfungerende? Det spørgsmål er blevet debatteret heftigt siden starten af marts, da regeringen offentliggjorde sit “ghettoudspil” med titlen ‘Ét Danmark uden parallelsamfund – Ingen ghettoer i 2030’. Udspillet tager en række problematikker … Read More

A New Paradigm for Participatory Design in Australia

Ekin ArinOpinion

The first 6 months have gone by since we started up the office down under, lead by our sociologist Thomas Aarup Due. It has been amazing to receive great interest in our citizen consultation and co-design practices. Everyone we’ve talked … Read More

Nye veje til levende lokalsamfund

Ekin ArinOpinion

Der er noget der rør på sig i Odsherred. Lokalpolitikere, kommunale beslutningstagere, engagerede borgere og unge fra byens uddannelsesinstitutioner er gået sammen om udviklingen af Asnæs by. Bylaboratoriet er et samarbejde mellem arki_lab og Odsherred kommune, hvorigennem lokalsamfundet, og herunder … Read More

Rethinking educational spaces: the outdoor classroom

Ekin ArinOpinion

In the recent years designers have started to examine the process of learning in relation to spatial qualities of a classroom. Research and application of non-traditional education spaces has revealed significant change in user behavior and overall teaching approaches. At … Read More

New office Down Under

Andreas MortensenUncategorized

After a long time back and forth we’re finally opening up a small office in Sydney, Australia in July, which means that we’re now open 24/7 with the time difference! Through our many travels down under we have established some … Read More

Towards a Sustainable Future

Yalda PilehchianOpinion

During the last 70 years the population of the world has been tripled, and our planet cannot sustain the progress if we hold on to our old ways of doing things. Moreover, half of the world’s population is concentrated in … Read More

New Collaboration Down Under

Yalda PilehchianCitizen involvement, Urban Design

We’re excited to share the news about our new collaboration with Edmiston Jones GBB from Australia. The collaboration will join perspectives from two different parts of the world. Danish democratic design tradition mixed with the Australian approach that is about … Read More

arki_nopoly goes digital!

Andreas MortensenUncategorized

Rasmus and Jeanette, arki_lab’s co-founders, have recently been to Australia for some collaborations, including a collaboration with the SMART Infrastructure Facility at the University of Wollongong, to digitize our favorite board-game tool, arki_nopoly. Arki_nopoly is a tool that we have … Read More

User Involvement at its Best

Andreas MortensenCitizen involvement, Urban Design

We are moving full speed ahead with our Vesterbro Ungdomsgård project. Yesterday we conducted the final hearing for the three architectural elements that we are going to build in the garden together with Repos and Studio Debris from Guldminen – … Read More

Everyone Wants a Water Slide in Their Front Yard

Andreas MortensenTools

Last Wednesday we had a user involvement session at Vesterbro Ungdomsgård, Where we talked to the members about their dreams, needs and preferences for the front yard. The front yard makeover project was launched in 2014, and now arki_lab together … Read More

Meet Our New Nomadic Intern!

Andreas MortensenResearch, Urban Design

From the kiwi coastal streets of Wellington, to the pot-holed road edges of Islamic Abu Dhabi, and after a romantically frantic cycle over Parisian cobblestones and through struggling post-colonial corners of Cape Town, I find myself on Birkegade – ready … Read More

Prequalified in the Nordic Built Cities Competition

Andreas MortensenCompetitions

We are very excited to share the great news that we are prequalified to participate in the Nordic Built Cities Challenge, under Nordic Innovation : CLOUDBURST AND CULTURE. The Challenge consists of six local competitions, in Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, … Read More

Case Study – arki_lab as an entrepreneur

Andreas MortensenEducation, Research

A group of talented students from the Royal Danish Academy of Architecture studied our work, as a part of their course “PRAKSISFORMER”. The study they made is now published together with other case studies. The students used our collaboration with … Read More

Interior Design at Sortedam School

Andreas MortensenInterior Design

One of arki_lab’s first tasks in the new year is an interior design project at Sortedam School in Copenhagen. We’ve worked with students, teachers and the management to develop ideas for the project and there’s been talked, asked and discussed … Read More

Merry “Upcycled” Christmas

Andreas MortensenSustainability, Tools

Dear Friends, Collaborators and Students, 2015 is nearing its end and we are proud to look back at a year filled to the brim with exciting new projects, wonderful new acquaintances and a continuation of our work towards designing cities … Read More

Guest blog by Elizabeth Vamos

Andreas MortensenEducation, Research

Good urban design is all about context. Most designers understand that simple rule, but many of us have to face a major challenge: how to transfer strategies, tools, and processes from one context to another. And I’ll admit that when … Read More

Report: Studying Age-Integration in Cities

Andreas MortensenResearch, Urban Design

We can depart in a little correction on our behalf: We’ve come to use the word generation and age interchangeable, though they really are two different concepts. Age, relates to different kinds of time passing. It could be the biological … Read More

Designing Cities with People

Andreas MortensenTools, Urban Design

Yesterday Rasmus came back from Australia full of new inspiration and possible future cooperation. The lecture at the International Urban Design Conference was a great success, with a room packed with people, who listened, fully engaged, to our democratic design … Read More

arki_tools goes to Australia

Andreas MortensenEducation, Research, Urban Design

Democratic Urban Design is the core of our philosophy. Everyone who lives in a city, regardless of her/his age, education level, ethnicity and social class must be involved in making even the most minor decisions for her/his living environment, namely … Read More

Urban Planner for a Week

Andreas MortensenEducation, Research, Tools

internship, design for young kids, tweens, designing with people

Last week we were lucky to have the bright student Bjørn as our intern, who contacted us, because we did a one-year architecture project at Brønshøj School. Through the week he should work like a real urban planner working on … Read More

Lousiana Museum meets Nordvest

Andreas MortensenEducation, Urban Design

street art, include everyone, learn, experiment

As you might know we are doing this great project in cooperation with Louisiana Museum and five schools from the local area, called ‘The Architecture Around You’. Through the fall the students will be working on a suggestion to an … Read More

Ethnography: meeting the real people

Andreas MortensenEducation, Tools, Urban Design

Ethnography, urban design,

Last week we started the next stage of our research project on how you can create intergenerational urban space, by beginning our work in the two last case-areas Sydhavn and Albertslund. Both unique and intriguing in their own way: Sydhavn, … Read More

BuildForTheFuture: age-integration

Andreas MortensenResearch

Build for the future, young and urban planning, democratic cities, for everyone

In the weekend there was a protest festival in the North West neighborhood of Copenhagen called ’BygForFremtiden [BuildForTheFuture]’. I was asked to make a talk at the festival because arki_lab currently work with age-integration in the city, as part of … Read More

Himmelev Skole Wins Kgs Have Competition

Andreas MortensenCompetitions, Education

This spring the Danish Architect’s Association arranged their very first architecture competition for children. The task was to design a mini-pavilion for Kongens Have in Copenhagen, and by doing so, the children should gain an understanding for architectural practice and … Read More

Design by and for Kids at Ordrup Skole

Andreas MortensenEducation, Tools

Designing with kids

We recently finished a longer project at Ordrup Skole, where 3rd graders have been mapping, analyzing and designing new solutions for their in and outdoor school environment. What was particularly interesting with this project was that it gave us an … Read More

Mini-pavillion Competition with Himmelev Skole

Andreas MortensenCompetitions, Education

competition, Kongens have

This spring the Danish Architect’s Association arranged their very first architecture competition for children. The task was to design a mini-pavillion for Kongens Have in Copenhagen, and by doing so, the children should gain an understanding for architectural practice and … Read More

From France to Denmark for an Internship

Andreas MortensenEducation, Research

internship, france, exchange, laboratory, experiments,

Malou made an amazing documentation of her summer internship at arki_lab, which you can view in its totality in the end of this post. Below are a few excerpts translated from French, with the original text at the bottom. ENGLISH: … Read More

Workshop + Exhibition at Johannes Gymnasiet

Andreas MortensenEducation, Interior Design, Sustainability, Tools

design thinking, huskunstnerordningen, co-creation, process., hands-on-learning, sustainable clasroom

Tags: arkilab,Design Thinking,Co-Creation,Process,Johannes Gymnasiet,huskunstnerordningen,Sustainable Classroom,Hands-On Learning,Ideate,Citizen Ownership Last Thursday our design project with Johannes Gymnasiet moved along toward a final exhibition of student solutions to better their academic and social spaces. With the students of classes 1.z and 2.z, we … Read More

Collaboration with Louisiana Museum

Andreas MortensenEducation, Urban Design

Louisiana and architecture, arki_lab, huskunstnerordningen, collaboration, Louisiana Learning, Louisiana Museum of Art,

This week, we made a quick and dramatic announcement that we have been appointed ‘house artists’ at Louisiana Gallery! This is in fact a collaborative project between the gallery, arki_lab and four schools in the local area, called ‘The Architecture … Read More

Intergenerational Research Update

Andreas MortensenResearch, Tools, Urban Design

inddragelse, aldersintegration, metoder, byrum,

arki_lab has been involved in a research project into the field of intergenerational integration, funded by the Danish Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs. The emerging demographic shift of an ageing population brings with it a new set of … Read More

Skole+ Design

Andreas MortensenCitizen involvement, Research

arki_lab is pleased to report that the Skole+ project has continued to progress successfully, moving on from the initial interactive workshops dedicated to the generation of ideas from the school community and other local users (see this session in an earlier … Read More

Seminar at Johannes Gymnasiet

Andreas MortensenCitizen involvement, Education

Today arki_lab has conducted an introduction seminar for high school students at Johannes Gymnasiet in Frederiksberg, who will participate in our design project over the course of their spring semester. Our teaching method will enable the students at Johannes Gymnasiet … Read More

US Study Tour

Andreas MortensenEducation, Learning, Research, Urban Design

US Study Tour: Post #1 arki_lab meets rebel architect in a car-centric city US Study Tour: Post #2 US Study Tour: Post #3 How to design and build together with the youth? Visiting Project H and getting an opportunity to … Read More

Mini Workshop

Andreas MortensenEducation


This week arki_lab team has been visited by a group of young students from Odsherred Efterskole (an optional year of education after primary school). Clara, Karoline and Clara are working on an assignment with a special focus on professions, in … Read More

Marseille In Process

Andreas MortensenCompetitions, Research, Urban Design

Last week, arki_lab was in France ! We met with the local stakeholders in Marseille, about the implementation process for our project Plan d’Aou – A new Urban Village. How did this all happen ? Let’s take a look back … Read More

City Link Hamburg

Andreas MortensenUncategorized

Last week, Michelle and Sue had the pleasure of attending the City Link Festival in Hamburg. “City Link started in 2012 as a co-creation project between cultural communities in Copenhagen and Hamburg with support from the City of Copenhagen and … Read More

arki_lab Event at Brønshøj Skole

Andreas MortensenEducation, Urban Design

Last week we organized a successful event at Brønshøj Skole with students who participated in arki_lab urban design workshops.  Our methodology in these workshops aims to educate young people about urban design and planning in an engaging way by applying … Read More

Urban Run with Blågård School

Andreas MortensenEducation, Tools

Last week, 80 young people, both 7th and 8th graders from Blågårdskolen, joined arki_lab for an urban run through Copenhagen. It was a successful session, the good weather was part of it, and students had fun while exercising both through … Read More