Everyone Wants a Water Slide in Their Front Yard

Andreas MortensenTools

Last Wednesday we had a user involvement session at Vesterbro Ungdomsgård, Where we talked to the members about their dreams, needs and preferences for the front yard. The front yard makeover project was launched in 2014, and now arki_lab together … Read More

Meet Our New Nomadic Intern!

Andreas MortensenResearch, Urban Design

From the kiwi coastal streets of Wellington, to the pot-holed road edges of Islamic Abu Dhabi, and after a romantically frantic cycle over Parisian cobblestones and through struggling post-colonial corners of Cape Town, I find myself on Birkegade – ready … Read More

Prequalified in the Nordic Built Cities Competition

Andreas MortensenCompetitions

We are very excited to share the great news that we are prequalified to participate in the Nordic Built Cities Challenge, under Nordic Innovation : CLOUDBURST AND CULTURE. The Challenge consists of six local competitions, in Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, … Read More