NEWS: arki_lab is co-developing a pilot project concept strategy for central Melbourne

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We are thrilled to announce that our proposal has been chosen to develop a pilot project concept strategy for central Melbourne. We are looking forward to this opportunity to expand our activities in Australia and to deliver high-level strategic advice to the city of Melbourne

Project scope

Melbourne, the second largest Australian city, is growing at about 120,000 residents per year and will hit five millon inhabitants in July this year. The rapid growth puts stress on the city’s public transportation system, and calls for innovative, incremental solutions. The pilot project concept strategy will serve as a platform to develop and test out such solutions. Furthermore, it will work as a strong change management tool for building momentum, testing real solutions and thereby informing future decisions.

Our winning proposal focuses on preparing a pilot strategy for the central city as a key focus area to develop innovative and incremental approaches to the management of future disruption and overall changing trends in transport behavior patterns. During the next three months, our role will be to deliver high-level strategic design advice on the process and testing this at several key demonstration sites in central Melbourne.

Collaborating to utilise change and disruption

Recent research shows that travel behavior is more variable than previously assumed and that accepting external changes and disruptions can be useful in making substantial changes to the way we understand and plan traffic. During the next months arki_lab, together with our Australian collaborators will develop a site-specific pilot project concept strategy. The work entails conducting site visits, collecting baseline data and evidence, preparing five to seven design concepts for pilot projects and trials in the central city and co-facilitating urban design and visioningworkshops. We are looking forward to exploring the possibilities for new strategic approaches with multiple government stakeholders.


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