arki_lab & 4Cities collaboration

Andreas MortensenEducation, Learning, Urban Design

At the beginning of September, Michelle had the opportunity to attend GivRum’s City Link Festival in Hamburg where we were first introduced to the 4Cities group. 4Cities is a “unique two-year interdisciplinary and international urban studies masters degree program that takes students to Brussel, Copenhagen, Vienna and Madrid” over the course of 4 semesters. We teamed up with the students to create a short, practical urban design studio during their stay here in Copenhagen.
The first meeting included an introduction to urban design followed by an inspirational bike tour throughout the city, presentation from Rasmus’s DIS Urban Design Foundation students and an on-site discussion with the 4Cities about their project proposals for Folket’s Park. The rich site history and interest from the local Urban Renewal program made it an ideal location for students to combine their diverse backgrounds and formulate “mini design firms” to develop their proposals. 
After a few weeks of brainstorming and producing on their own, students put together group presentations of their final project proposals. Responses ranged from relocating a major road for improved circulation, adding new site elements for different user groups, increasing safety with lighting schemes, etc. Each group’s response had an overall theme that guided their proposal highlighting the strengths in their multi-disciplinary backgrounds. We were honored to have guest critic Graham Cavanaugh, project manager at DOT in New York City, to sit in and provide feedback on the proposals in addition to the arki_lab crew. 


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