actions for change

Our interdisciplinary team combines the expertise of ethnologists, architects and urban planners with extensive experience securing the connection and translation of knowledge from process to the final physical design. We offer a variety of services from involvement and co-creation processes, strategy and concept development to design of the built environment - always focusing on the end users.

Consensus Building & Engagement

envisioning the change

Research & Evaluation

planning the change

Strategy & Concept Development

co-designing the change


kickstarting the change

Knowledge Sharing

cultivating the change

Bike Tours & City Insights

We live and work in the vibrant neighbourhood of Nørrebro in Copenhagen. We offer tours to share the stories from our office and all the interesting architectural projects in Nørrebro and the surrounding neighbourhoods. Throughout the tours we discuss democratic design and social sustainability in architectural processes. We'll pay special attention to the spaces between the buildings and the way these spaces influence and shape the daily life of both visitors and local residents.

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