A co-creative City Lab

Client: Odsherred Municipality, Danish Ministry of Transport, Housing and Building
Our role: Community engagement and Placemaking, Strengthening community networks, Designing new urban spaces and a strategy for the city centre
Location: Asnæs, Odsherred, Denmark
Year: Nov 2016 - May 2019
Status: Completed

We transformed an empty property into a co-creative City Lab, where the local community was involved in designing the city of Asnæs – with a special focus on designing with the youth. The City Lab was activated through educational workshops, exhibitions, events and city tours etc., during which we collected local knowledge and ideas from the inhabitants on how to develop and improve the public spaces around their city. The gathered ideas, dreams and wishes were then translated into permanent designs around Asnæs.

The project was divided in 4 phases: 

1. In the first phase we conducted different community and stakeholder engagement workshops and events to activate the end-users and collect local knowledge and ideas. The CityLab served as the engagement hub, where citizens could participate in the development and also get information on the status of the project.

2. By analysing the collected data, we identified 9 key sites around the city but after adding the inputs from citizens and stakeholders, in the end we pinpointed 4 sites. The concept design was based on testing different spatial concepts trough temporary installations.

3. We translated knowledge into design projects with aim to strengthen the local identity and sense of ownership. The final designs were decided with the community wishes and ideas, outlined by the user-centered approach.A main goal from the beginning was to strengthen the existing local assets and resources through including them in the project.

4. The final evaluation was conducted with the key stakeholders and the client to summarize the 2 year long process and end-results, both quantitatively and qualitatively. The project resulted in two documents: a manual and a final report.

Click here to read the full report (Danish)

global goals for sustainable development FNS 17 verdensmål THE GLOBAL GOALS
We strive to use the Global Goals as a structuring framework for our projects. Here we show how this project contributes to a sustainable future.

In Asnæs we support a healthy and active community by adding new functions and activities to existing public spaces.

The local educational institutions were integrated and students from both primary and high school learned to apply architectural tools.

The project focus on improving Asnæs' image as an attractive and lively commercial junction for both tourists and the catchment areas.

global goals sustainable cities and communities FNs verdensmål bæredygtige byer og lokalsamfund

Involving a broad variety of stakeholders we've strengthened the local unity, hence, supporting a more durable community.

global goals partnerships for the goals FNs verdensmål partnerskab for handling

The project has brought local initiators and decisionmakers cloaser together which in the future can ease the path for new sustainable projects.

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