Creating age-integrated urban space

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Client: Ministeriet for By, Bolig og Landdistrikter
Type: Citizen Involvement, Research
Status: Finished

arki_lab is pleased to announce its participation in the research project focusing on intergenerational integration in urban and suburban areas. Our team has been selected as a part of the 12 final architectural and urban design projects, funded by MBBL (Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs), which addresses the notable demographic change marked by the increase of ageing population both in the cities and suburbs.
Therefore, community cohesion in our urban and residential areas has been the main task of the overall project, with a special emphasis on integration of elderly citizen groups. Moreover, the concept of shared living communities, which accommodates all generations, represents the architectural focus point.
arki_lab’s aim in the project has been to foster interaction across generations in the urban space in order to increase community cohesion and decrease loneliness. We have applied our expertise in analytical research, based on user engagement, and provided innovative methods and strategies for transforming the urban and suburban space into an inviting environment thats supports the interaction between generations. The study is conducted in collaboration with our partners – TERROIR ApS and Deane Simpson.

About our partners:
TERROIR ApS (an international architectural practice, working primarily on the design and procurement of buildings)
Deane Simpson (professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Arts School of Architecture and author of the book Young-Old: Urban utopias of an Ageing Society)

 Read the full version of the report in Danish here


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