TEDx Lecture

An architect changes his path

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Location: Wollongong, Australia
Client: University of Wollongong
Type: Urban Design, Research
Status: Finished
Team members: Rasmus Frisk


Rasmus was invited to present his personal take on ‘Designing Cities for People’ for TEDx in Wollongong, Australia. His opening mantra “It’s ok to think big, just as long as you remember people are small” set the tone for the lecture. He then began to share stories and insights into his three main passions: sustainability, temporary use and education through involvement. Through experiences as both a student and professional architect, Rasmus had a revelation about single sensation architecture. He found current trends catering towards car built cities and architect’s ego, not for people.

Rasmus then begins to tell the story of how temporary use of space came about with the collapse of the economy. People were taking to the streets and creating temporary spaces that fit their daily needs allowing them to become co-creators of the city. Bicyclists began gaining traction and the right of way on the streets of Copenhagen breathing new life into the economy, environment and health of the residents. Citizen involvement in the design process also started to play an integral role in Rasmus’s design philosophy. Lastly, he explores the power of education and involvement of users in the design dialogue.


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