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This week, we made a quick and dramatic announcement that we have been appointed ‘house artists’ at Louisiana Gallery!

This is in fact a collaborative project between the gallery, arki_lab and four schools in the local area, called ‘The Architecture Around You’. The aim is to engage the children in their local environment, invoking curiosity, critical thinking and creative responses through a process of active learning and participation.

The course will use many different learning methods and environments to inspire the students, including workshops, field studies and the design of small interventions, and it will culminate in an exhibition that will showcase their work and offer suggestions to improve the local environments.

Louisiana, with its beautiful and varied architecture and landscape, is the perfect learning environment in which to invite students to consider the effects that spatial design has on us, and begin to analyse what it is that makes us experience things in a certain way. The global perspectives of the exhibitions will provide a powerful catalyst for the students to engage with culture and community in a wider sense.

The motivation for this is to bring about small-scale, creative solutions to the challenges faced today and in the future by local communities. This project will work to achieve this in two ways: both by gathering information on how young people experience the local area of Fredensborg, thereby providing a useful source of inspiration to the municipality, and by encouraging young people to engage with their environment and participate in the processes of planning and designing for it.

‘The Architecture Around You’ is not only motivated by the wish to engage and work with the youth, however. A key aspect of the project is the engagement with the teachers at the schools, who will be included in the process throughout and will get to see and experience the benefits of integrating different school subjects in an engagement with practical tasks outside of the school setting.

We are very much looking forward to applying some of our experiences and learnings from our various school projects in a new context that will have an added creative dimension from the team at Louisiana. ‘The Architecture Around You’ promises to be an exciting and fulfilling journey. We’ll keep you updated!

Blog author: Darcy Millar

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