methods for change

After years of experience with citizen involvement, we have developed a set of flexible user-involvement strategies called “arki_tools.” We use these tools to design cities with people, facilitate our design process, and extract valuable data from citizens. Our toolbox is a universal one, where the tools can be adapted and adjusted to be used in different contexts. The opinions collected by these tools are valuable data that can help bridge the gap between the citizens and the macro level of urban design strategies.

in-house tools

Main engagement tool

An interactive board game to analyze, understand and discuss urban spaces

Main engagement tool

A digital app for citizen involvement

Supporting engagement tools

Collages, Model-making, Prototyping, arki_probes and many more engagement tools

Supporting engagement tool

A set of method cards for spatial and movement improvements

City As a Classroom - Chapter 6

Basic elements for outdoor learning practices (download chapter 6)


public tools

A guide for designing outdoor learning spaces 

Criteria for liveable, healthy cities