Designing Cities with Young People // The City as a Classroom

Author: arki_lab
Our role: Developing educational teaching material, community engagement, knowledge sharing, in-depth research
Location: Denmark / Global collaboration
Year: 2016-2019  
Status: Finished

    Insights into our philosophy on engaging children and young people in urban planning

    In an office with urban designers, sociologists, ethnologists and architects, arki_lab aims with a multidisciplinary approach to integrate different perspectives in the spatial design field, encouraging discussions, and innovative design solutions when developing new urban spaces - and sharing this knowledge. 

    Our first book, Designing Cities with Young People, focuses on the importance of engaging young people in design projects and the resources they bring to the design process. Our second book, The City as a Classroom, builds on the shoulders of the first book and presents a refreshing view on urban spaces and their potential as learning spaces. 

    Both books largely build on the knowledge accumulated from our long experience working with urban spaces, participatory design strategies, educational institutions and young people. 

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      We want to inspire people with insights into how to involve citizens so that we may truly co-create our cities together. We hope to show new ways of creating exciting projects that generate valuable outcomes for everyone involved (youth included!), but also give crucial insight to the architects and urban planners.
      Designing Cities with Young People


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