The City as a Classroom: Designing for Outdoor Learning


In this book we’ve compiled our own experiences of designing outdoor learning spaces as well as many other professional researchers, teachers and architects. It’ll inspire you to think outside the limits of the conventional classroom, whether you’re a teacher, an urban planner or an educational administrative.



What happens when politicians, teachers, students, designers and developers start looking at public urban spaces as potential learning spaces? The City as a Classroom is an explorative inquiry into the potentials and challenges of using the city as an outdoor learning space. It’s compiled of the experiences of arki_lab’s own work with outdoor learning spaces and case studies of different best practices. Reading the book you’ll meet teachers, researchers, architects, engaged citizens and many more, each with their own take on how outdoor learning can be beneficial to both students and society as a whole.

The book is meant to inspire anybody with ties to the built environment and the educational system. It’s a juxtaposition of urban design, architecture, didactics and politic.