Louisiana Exhibition

The architecture around you

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Location: Fredensborg Kommune, Copenhagen, Denmark
Client: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and The Danish Arts Foundation
Type: Education, Urban Interventions
Status: Finished – Exhibition at Louisiana


‘The Architecture Around Us’ was a collaborative project between Louisiana, the Danish Museum for Modern Art, arki_lab and four schools in the local area. The aim was to engage the children in their local environment, invoking curiosity, critical thinking and creative responses through a process of active learning and participation.

The course has used many different learning methods and environments to inspire the students, including workshops, field studies and the design of small interventions, and it culminated in an exhibition that showcased their work and offer suggestions to improve the local environments.

The school project is based on an understanding of knowledge as something acquired through experience, and an active involvement in the world around students. Beyond the purely architectural skills and insights, students achieve an understanding of the importance the process oriented learning.

The students’ own local environment are brought into play, and arki_lab contributes to academic and educational grip that offers new opportunities to create valuable learning through project-based architectural and urban processes – Our hope is that the students will have new tools on how to engage and impact their local area. We want them to know that their voices are valuable, and that you can change things for the better if you do it together.

‘The Architecture Around Us’ was not only motivated by the wish to engage and work with the youth, however. A key aspect of the project was the engagement with the teachers at the schools, who were included in the process throughout and got to see and experience the benefits of integrating different school subjects in an engagement with practical tasks outside of the school setting.


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