Co-creating a local school design

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Location: Haarby skole
Client: LOA-Fonden, DIF and Realdania
Type: Urban Interventions, Citizen Involvement, Urban Design
Team: BCVA, Skala, arki_lab, Autens, STOKVAD Consulting Engineers
Status: Completed


The main goal of the School+ project is to upgrade the school environment into a space with enhanced capacity for physical activity of its users. As a part of the school system reform, six schools in Denmark have been selected to participate in School+ project and the entire project is being funded by LOA-Fonded, DIF and Realdania.

From involvement to final design
arki_lab has contributed to School+ project as a member of a team with BCVA and Skala, in collaboration with a group of engineers and external consultants. The team has worked with Haarby School, on the island of Funen. Our task was to engage students, teachers and local community in the renovation process and capture their ideas through interactive workshops. Through playing arki_nopoly we collected many ideas for activities and we used 1:1 prototyping on site to stimulate a better spatial understanding among the users. arki_lab’s goals for Haarby School’s upgrade was to establish user involvement in the actual design process and to translate this knowledge into an initial design proposal based on the user-driven approach. The proposal was further developed and shaped by our partners.

The new Haarby School
Our final design product, based on community engagement, transformed Haarby School into a place with improved infrastructure for physical activity, sports and learning through movement. Therefore, our design methods will hopefully conceptualize a new school space that can offer a wide variety of activities and learning environments that bring the whole local community together.


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