arki_mapping is one of our tools that have a two-fold purpose: To acquaint the users with their movement patterns in the city, and to collect data about how people use the city and perceive different urban spaces.

arki_mapping, a part of the CoCityApp website, enables the users to map their everyday routes and express their feelings about different places on the route with emoticons. Afterwards, using the mobile application, the users can make a collage of their suggestion to improve the different places.

The high or low concentration of happy and sad smileys indicate the most and the least likable places and helps the urban planners to easier identify problematic areas. This data is invaluable for the development of any municipal-driven project or planning strategy, and much more meaningful than the typical, outdated approach to community engagement such as a questionnaire or online survey.

In a nutshell, the combination of the mobile application and the website is a quick way to community empowerment. Simple, fast and easy to use, they encourage citizen involvement on the go by allowing people to share visions and dreams concerning their urban environment.

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