arki_nopoly digital

arki_nopoly digital provides a virtual space for participants to share and discuss insights and ideas and collaborate on potential solutions. Besides being a way to facilitate arki_nopoly workshops in situations where physical co-presence is a challenge, arki_nopoly digital allows participants to move between different levels of detail and scale during the same workshop by zooming and panning, as well as providing geotagged data for later analysis. As participants can join from anywhere, this version also makes it easier to reach a larger audience, including groups that are less likely to show up to public events. This version takes approximately 2 hours and is scalable from small groups of 4-5 to large online gatherings.

Collaboration through gamification
arki_nopoly is a tool that enables citizens and different stakeholders to collaborate and learn from each other to develop cities. It proposes an innovative solution to the current urbanization problem through bridging the gap between stakeholders by providing everyone a seat at the table, literally. The game is centered around an area, scaling from a room to the entire city, and aims to familiarize the players with their immediate surrounding through discussion, analysis, reflection and suggestions to improve it. Through gamification, it offers a great way to create a discussion among people with different (and sometimes conflicting) opinions and to turn complex concepts into more comprehensible ones. The game offers a platform through which citizens and stakeholders can vocalize and discuss their ideas for future development of a specific area. It does this by creating an interactive and inclusive idea generation process, encouraging a smoother urban transformation through activating their knowledge and giving them a chance to share their ideas and concerns with their peers. arki_nopoly is an optimal way to collect data about our cities and the way people use them, and helps create a catalogue of dreams and ideas for the city. This data is invaluable, not only because of its accuracy, but it’s also a great source of inspiration for developers and designers.

arki_nopoly digital in action

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