Summer Street Camp

Co-creating an urban lounge with the youth of Frederiksberg

Client: Frederiksberg Municipality
Our role: Facilitating educational programme, Placemaking
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Year: 2013
Status: Finished

The Summer Street Camp was an educational project, providing an opportunity for students, ages 12-16 years, to be designers whilst also educating them on the benefits of waste reduction.

The students were working with rejuvenating an underused industrial site for the Bernhard Bangs music festival. They were provided with a design brief, site and deadline while working within the project constraints of utilising recycled materials from the site itself and the neighbourhood.

In the days prior to the construction week, the students participated in a workshop, sketched and collaged concepts for how the event should be run and how the site could operate. A site tour of their neighbourhood allowed them to select materials and gather further ideas for the construction phase.

Using the remnants of former playground equipment, wooden palettes and other recycled materials, the students come-designers developed a hybrid public art installation, equipped with a bar and lounge area for guests to enjoy the music. Welcome signage, stencil art, painting and graffiti allowed the students to express their creative flair through street art.

The Summer Camp gave the participants an insight into the professional design process from concept development to construction, while understanding the importance of upcycling.

"It was great to participate and create something during the workshop. At the end of the week, the whole town could see what we did for the festival!"

12 years old, participant


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