My Copenhagen

Location: Sortedam Public School, Copenhagen, Denmark
Client: Sortedam Public School
Type: Education
Status: Finished
Team members: Rasmus Frisk, Jeanette Frisk


The My Copenhagen phase links the previous two phases, Temporary Home and Urban Design, of the school project in a final project over the course of two weeks. The module is an exercise on project work and allows students to work collaboratively to create a final design. The main school subjects utilized include History, Danish, Social Science and design. Students are encouraged to use tools and knowledge acquired from previous phases to record observations about places in the city.

The module begins with an introduction to summarize the things previously learned at arki_Lab. The students learn about the importance of keeping a log book and selecting a site to observe for a week. They are then instructed to visit their selected site each day to record and observe the site. A picture is taken of the site and placed in the logbook. A range of seven sites to observe can be chosen from to work with in their project. We also introduce the concept of collages and how they can be used to communicate design ideas. By using the collage technique for visualization, students can easy communicate an idea.

Full-day workshops are held at the school where groups of students are sent to observe their selected sites. They begin to analyze and identify the site potentials and existing problems. Upon returning to school, they are given the rest of the day to work on solutions by creating collages. The next day, students are introduced to film making and interview users about their selected site. At the end of this phase, students present their design and film to members of the school and the arki_Lab team. The final presentation is similar to the structure used in a firm and serves as an appropriate conclusion to this phase of the module.


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