(Re)Stitch Tampa

Rethinking the waterfront

Client: City of Tampa
Our role: Concept & strategy development
Location: Florida, USA
Year 2013
Status: Finished (Competition: Honorable Mention)

Arki_lab's proposal for the Tampa redevelopment plan focused on recentering the city on the riverfront. The first phase entailed the creation of a new riverfront by shifting the development for the river to serve as the new spine of the city. In order to connect different waterfront areas and ensure accessibility to the river, arki_lab proposed the installation of a continuous public promenade, stretching along the entire waterfront, enabling the urban fabric to stitch into the existing landscape, while redeveloping the waterfront as a destination.

The proposal celebrated the waterfront and aimed to transform it into a vibrant place for people, with access to numerous public spaces along the river. By extending the existing urban landscape to the waterfront, the ecological processes became a part of urban everyday life.


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