Design Catalogue

Location: Ordrup School, Greater Copenhagen, Denmark
Client: Ordrup School
Type: Education
Status: Finished
Team members: Rasmus Frisk, Jeanette Frisk


This project aims to give pupils an understanding of process and ideating. By being active in the entire process, from analysis of problems and potentials via sketching and modelling to final product, the pupils are developing an insight into how constructive collaboration and solution-oriented analysis can lead to new solutions and improvements of existing conditions.

To begin with, the pupils were introduced to a logbook, which they filled out for one week. The logbook collects information about where and how the pupils use the school, and at the same time introduces the pupils to concepts and tools used in analysis. Following this week, the pupils attended Workshop 1, where the focal point was arki_nopoly, a board game that functions as a mediator between the analysis and design portion of the project. Here, the pupils worked on their analysis, as well as suggestions for new design solutions.

They work with places that they use for teaching and breaks, as well as places they don’t use – both indoors and outdoors. During Workshop 2, they worked on a select few of their design solutions. The ideas are finalized, and the pupils are trained in arguing for their suggestions. Finally, they sketch, build models, and make collages of their design.

Models and collages were exhibited along with the information about the pupils usage of the school, at the Sej, Sund og Sikker exhibition. The idea catalog of the design solutions were also used to apply for funding in the municipality, to make the design in full scale. Therefore, the project defines a process where users, and in this case pupils, can be involved in the development and creation of new and exciting teaching environments.


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