KØS Museum of Art in Public Space

My hero - My city

Client: Køge Municipality and KØS Museum
Role: Designing and facilitating design workshops, Teaching design methodology and tools
Location: Køge, Denmark
Year: 2014
Status: Completed

Birdy, Fos, Butterfly, Falcon Woman - today's heroes have many names. arki_lab was a part of an inspiring collaboration with KØS - Museum of Art in Public Space, where we helped facilitate the elective course and curate the final exhibition made by students from Sct. Nicolai School in Køge.

"My Hero - My City" was inspired by KØS Museum's masterpiece by Bjørn Nørgaard, and the theme was “superheroes”, who as we know them today, are a product of the 20th century United States. They emerged in a world full of war, financial hardship and stagnation. Average, ordinary humans by day, and super-powered, extraordinary creatures by night - superheroes are the saviours of the metropolitan city. Throughout the workshops students had to reflect upon their city and design a superhero who could help improve it. They were introduced to different methods from KØS and arki_lab, which made a perfect match between art and architecture.

During 6 workshops, students were divided into groups and developed their superheroes with unique characteristics and personalities. These superheroes, their superpowers, costumes and characteristics were presented in different ways at the final exhibition at KØS. Human silhouettes were lined up on the square in front the Museum, and inside the visitors could learn more about the different urban heroes.


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