Malmö Terminals

User insights for a more sustainable transport sector

Client: Malmö Municipality, Skånetrafiken
Our role: Data treatment and analysis, Community engagement, Place strategies
Location: Malmö, Sweden
Year: 2021
Status: Completed

Public transportation designed for people
The analysis conducted by arki_lab intends to build upon existing knowledge and research to support future redevelopment of the public transport infrastructure in Malmö. Malmö is one of Sweden’s fastest growing metropolitan centres, and a rapidly growing population presents opportunities and challenges for the public transportation infrastructure. The project illustrates the user’s perspective and experience, providing valuable insight for the future densification and transformation of a more sustainable transport sector.

Utilizing prior research, this project seeks to validate both qualitative and quantitative data collection from users. This has involved a series of methods including: collaboration with clients and with students, site analysis, observation and counting, arki_nopoly workshops, interviews, and surveys.  

The report communicates findings on the core concerns of: accessibility, transit usability, and attractive urban landscape; as well as specific insights into the six terminals at question: Malmö Central, Värnhem, Södervärn, Gustav Adolfs Torg, Hyllie, Triangeln. For each terminal a sequence of graphs and diagrams help represent findings from a rigorous collection of user feedback, represented through quotes, site-specific comments and a suggestion box. Each terminal chapter concludes with a “next steps” section which contains specific recommendations for future processes and considerations based on the user’s feedback.

      We strive to use the Sustainable Development Goals as a structuring framework for our projects. This is how this project contributes to a more sustainable future

      Applying insights from people helps to redevelop more resilient and sustainable public transportation infrastructure.

      Sound public transportation systems make for more sustainable cities and communities, by permitting ease and efficiency in everyday life.

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