Warwick Farm

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Project Name: Warwick Farm: A Place to Live
Location: Warwick Farm, Australia
Client: Mauro Poletti
Type: Re-zoning and Masterplan
Size: 115 m2
Status: Finished
Team members: Rasmus Frisk, Jeanette Frisk


Making livable and sustainable habitats for people is a great challenge today. The vision is to create a vibrant, sustainable, healthy and unique urban village where the value of all social networks are high and people want and can stay for their whole lifetimes. Warwick Farm should be setting the standard for building 21st century communities in Australia.

The color of Warwick farm is its people. The masterplan design process needs to start with the life, then the space, and lastly the buildings. A human focus is what will make this development successful. We will need to get that right before anything else.

Warwick Farm, as a suburb of Sydney, needs to be urbanized. It needs to become a place where there is life on the streets at all hours, so that people feel safe and take part in the community. Urbanizing Warwick Farm is about creating a mixed-used community, a sustainable suburb with a strong local identity.


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