Copenhagen's Maritime Park

Gathering place for education, youth life and entrepreneurship 

Client: Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab and By & Havn
Our role: Vision Plan, Stakeholder Involvement, Concept Development
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Year: 2023-2024
Status: Completed

    This is the winning proposal for the Ideas competition for Refshaleøen published by Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab and By & Havn. Out of 75 proposals, ours was one of the two winning ideas in the category ‘further development of Refshaleøen's creative environment’. Ideas were requested on how the existing creative and cultural environment on Refshaleøen can remain exciting and innovative, while forming a close connection to the rest of Copenhagen.

    The proposal was developed together with the Association for the training ship Georg Stage (Foreningen for Skoleskibet Georg Stage) and shows how the historic area around the old sea fort, Lynetten, can be transformed into a vibrant maritime hub and become Copenhagen's Maritime Park.

    arki_lab and Georg Stage suggest to use the facility for a maritime park, where education, recreational purposes and youth life create a living and active environment. Additionally, the relation between the city and the sea, an essential characteristic of Copenhagen, will be deepened. The proposals’ ideas strengthen the maritime cultural heritage, are locally anchored and create social spaces across professions, crafts and generations.

    The vision is a busy and diverse area which shows that our cultural heritage can coexist and mutually enrich young people. In the maritime park, you will experience a fusion of educational facilities with school buildings, clubhouses with common facilities for social life, an office hub for schools, associations and entrepreneurship, museums, green areas, facilities for the sea scout association, workshops and wharfs for ships worthy of preservation. 

    It will not only be a destination for tourists and locals, but also an area where maritime professionals, maritime education and volunteers' related to the maritime, can come together and strengthen the ‘Blue Denmark’.

    Quotations from the Competition report: 

    "The evaluation committee wants to award the proposal 'Copenhagen's Maritime Park' because it very convincingly points to the possibility of creating an interesting and multifaceted framework for a maritime life in a very obvious place on Refshaleøen. The proposal has obvious and understandable qualities and has as one of the few bids in the overall competition a concrete grasp of the water, the quayside and the potential for life between land and water." (Quote translated from Danish)

    "In Summary, the proposal is about getting more young people to take an interest in 'The Blue Denmark' and the green transition." (Quote translated from Danish)

    Read the competition report here: (in Danish)

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