Between Industry and City

A winning proposal for the new Valby

Client: Innosite
Team: arki_lab, Michelle Zucker, Sue Duong
Our role: Temporary Strategies & Event
Location: Valby, Denmark
Year: 2014
Status: Finished

Utilizing Temporary Action to Create a Sustainable Future for New Valby
The aim is to integrate temporary use in the long term vision for the new Valby. Temporary actions will be used as an opportunity to experiment and catalogue desire lines of users when in the space. In doing so, future development can be shaped to reflect the needs of users.

The strategy is to provide the identity of the New Valby by activating the old Grønttorvet site as an experimental city for:
- Solving the housing issue by providing affordability and flexibility
- Activating urban life via different actions benefitting from the physical platforms offered by the site
- Encouraging local connections and bringing the community together
- Creating a new way of living in the city by creating new visions and a new identity for the future of New Valby
- Temporary actions pointing towards the future

Painting the Infrastructure
The strategy for the New Valby can be kickstarted by painting a temporary masterplan on the tarmac to define street hierarchy and create a dynamic in the area while providing a framework for future development.

Temporary Masterplan
Initially, the tarmac will be painted according to a temporary masterplan that will set the vision for the area. Based on an informed spatial analysis of the site (entrance, links + connections, infrastructure, scale, etc. ), this masterplan will be able to define the potential of the space and welcome a diversified set of activities

A central spine will be activated between the northern facade of the warehouse interior and the row of small buildings. Connections will be highlighted between the surroundings and this central spine, bringing people from outside into the New Valby. People will be able to dream on into the upcoming activities for the site by outlining plots and proposing activities that could take place. The tarmac will become a 1:1 catalog for ideas. It will then be activated over time according to the community's uses and actions.


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