We all flick through magazines, don’t we? And we all come across images that we find inspiring. arki_collage is a way to convert this passive pastime into an active project that could benefit all of us. The idea is simple. It all starts with a printed image of any space that does not live up to its full potential. What is needed beside that is a glue stick, a pair of scissors and a stack of old magazines. Then images are cut out from the magazines and are glued on top of the base image to illustrate how that space could potentially look like.

arki_collag could be used for all age groups, but its playfulness makes it most suitable for the school-age children. They just love to make a collage of how they envision different spaces around them. Giving them a clear and almost realistic visualization of their ideas, the collage makes it easier for them to communicate their ideas and develop them further.

But it is also a great tool for us adults. By simply inserting a cut-out of a prototype or any other installation into an existing environment, and building-up the surrounding with cut-outs we can clearly see how any given space would look like if our projects for the space is realized. The product, is a concrete starting point for discussion about different spaces. Furthermore, it enables the investors of the projects to imagine the final result and makes the communication between the designers/citizens and the investors much easier.