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Arki_News Issue 8: Second Down Under Special Edition

Arki_News Issue 8: Danish Edition

During the last year, in collaboration with the Smart Infrastructure Facility at the University of Wollongong, we’ve been working on a digital community engagement app. Read more about the app in this issue.

Arki_News Issue 7: Down Under Special Edition

In this special edition issue we share some milestone from our venture Down Under, especially our success with facilitating arki_nopoly workshops with different organizations and institutions in Australia.

Arki_News Issue 6: Looking Back, Moving Forward

In this issue we reflect on 2017 and discuss upcoming developments in the new year, covering a broad range of projects we've worked and will be working on. Furthermore 

Arki_News Issue 5: Waste Sorting Solutions in Public Spaces

In this issue we discuss the importance of waste sorting and how through integrating it into public spaces, metropolitan cities can increase the quality of public streetscapes. We also discuss how we can change user behaviour through design.

Arki_News Issue 4: Rethinking Outdoor Learning Spaces

In this issue we discuss the importance of taking advantage of outdoor spaces as an extension to school spaces and we offer tools and methods to address the issue.

Arki_News Issue 3: Involvement as a Learning Process

In this issue we discuss how we look at education as one of the integral components of every involvement process, as well as how we use our cities and urban spaces as a classroom that has an abundance of learning material to offer.

Arki_News Issue 2: The Transition from Involvement to Design

In this issue we focus on the importance of the crucial translation between citizen involvement and design. We also discuss how we turn the invaluable information that we’ve gained from engaging citizens to an actual design solution.

Arki_News Issue 1: You Can't COPENHAGENIZE a Process

In this issue we discuss the process of Copenhagenization which has recently become the goal for many urban planners and designers. Then we suggest that this copy/paste approach is doomed to fail, as it attempts to solve one problem with a solution to another.

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