Co-Designing The Classroom

Elective Subject: Blågård School

Location: Blågård Public School, Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark
Client: Blågård Public School, Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark
Type: Education
Status: Finished
Team members: Rasmus Frisk, Jeanette Frisk


In this project we worked with the graders from Blågård school to create a better classroom that fitted their everyday needs. And who is better to ask than the everyday experts: the students and teachers.

Through different creative tools we worked with the challenges and potentials in their own classroom. We wanted them to be able to come up with solutions on how to make it a better place for learning and hanging out. Surprisingly many students thought the room was too big – So how do you work with this as a potential instead of a challenge?

First of all we tried to make the students come up with some ideas, where they activated every corner of the room. Through collages, tapes on the ground, collaborative brainstorms etc. they developed different ideas, and discovered the many possibillities in the room. Many students wished to colour the white walls to create another atmosphere and it set the frame for the project. Each students got a piece of wood to paint a portrait of themselves – choosing from 4 different colours that were inspired by the colours of the different flags of nationalities.

The whole process was at the same a close collaboration with the teacher´s of the class, because we wanted to make sure that the changes could be applied in the everyday teaching. To make the portraits work as a platform for learning we painted the back of it black, so each students could use it your individual blackboard.

The entire process is a way to incorporate new learning methods and giving the students ownership of their ideas , and develop the ability to participate competently and critically in society created through experience of participation and solution-oriented processes.


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