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Andreas MortensenEducation, Learning

arki_lab office is built on an evolving constellation of diverse disciplines, cultures and personalities uniting in a collaborative work process. Therefore, internships as a part of this process have a special value in shaping the features of our office.
In terms of arki_lab’s work process, interns are a significant source of knowledge that helps shape our projects and strategies. For us it’s not just a way to include the academic discourse in the work, but a way to bring new perspectives that enable out office to evolve. This means that drawing inspiration from each other’s experiences, knowledge and skills is a key feature of the teamwork in the office. We strongly believe that having interns as a part of our team helps shape arki_lab as an urban design office. That is the reason why the office is seen both as an inclusive workspace and a place of debate, where each individual can fully engage.
Moreover, by providing internship positions we want to address the lack of practical experience in the academic setting which reflects the demand of workspace environment. Therefore, our aim is to integrate the structure of each internship with the academic curriculum, in order to enable the students to apply their knowledge while gaining a set of practical and professional skills. In this way interns entail  an integrated role in our team by simultaneously contributing and learning.
This idea has led to a collaboration with DIS (Danish Institute for Study Abroad) in the form of The architecture and design internship course. To find out more about the feedback from the first participants in the course – follow the link bellow: 


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