Lykkebo School designs the future

Location: Lykkebo School, Valby, Denmark
Client: Lykkebo School, Kulbane Area Renewal
Type: Education, Urban Interventions, Citizen Involvement
Status: Completed
Team members: Rasmus Frisk, Jeanette Frisk


In autumn 2016 arki_lab put Kulbane’s future on the agenda, in collaboration with teachers and students from Lykkebo School in Copenhagen. The project focused on creating awareness of the future developments in Kulbane Park among students, giving them a voice in the development of this local public space.

The project started off with two workshops at the school, which aimed to give students insight into the design process, learning how to make simple site analyses, conduct small interviews, participate in creative brainstorming sessions, and design using small sketch models. The overall goal of the project was to facilitate young people in developing a physical identity for the new park by creating installations that were placed in various key places in the Kulbane neighbourhood. The entire process consisted of a design week and a final ‘opening’ event, where parents, teachers, politicians and interested citizens could see the students’ work.

Designing the installations
Throughout the design week students engaged in practical design processes and were a part of building different installations. It was arki_lab’s role to design the installations in a way that reflected the students ideas and wishes. At the same time, it was important to have an overall common thread, relating different installations to each other. The installations helped mark the start of the Area Renewal’s development and give citizens a sense that change is on the horizon.

Involving children and young people
The goal of the project was to create a dialogue with children and young people from the community about the development of the future Kulbane Park, but also to mark the beginning of the Area Renewal’s work. The objective of the workshops was to provide young people with valuable insights into what it means to be an active citizen, through learning methods to examine and understand their town and to express themselves creatively. At the same time, the project complemented the Area Renewal’s work through providing valuable ideas on developing Kulbane Park and ensuring local awareness of the project. It was a unique learning opportunity for students to engage in an investigative, experimental, and creative urban design process.

From our experience, demonstrating physical change and improvement in young people’s communities is the most effective method for active participation – getting out of their usual environment and becoming an active part of their area’s development. In addition to the students feeling involved in the future development of the park, the project also provided them with design and craftsmanship skills that they can draw on in the future.


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