Redesigning the High Street in Horsens

Location: Horsens, Denmark
Client: Schul Landskabsarkitekter, OKRA Landschapsarchitecten, arki_lab, ICP & Grønlund Consultants and Engineers
Type: Urban Design
Role: Design and Consulting
Status: Winner proposal, Ongoing

This was the winning proposal for a competition to redesign Horsens high street, organized by the Horsens Municipality. With the population growth booming in Horsens, urban redevelopment has become the Municipality’s top priority, with a focus on creating an inclusive and liveable city.

Our wining proposal was the outcome of a constructive collaboration with Schul Landscape Architects and Okra Landscape Architects. The multidisciplinary team made it possible to respond to the wide range of requirements, stated in the competition program. Furthermore working with groups from different disciplines contributed to the success of the proposal, addressing issues from all perspectives.

The competition had three main themes: city life and liveability, connectivity, and identity. The winning proposal was the one that could incorporate these three themes into one holistic design.

Our proposal responded to these themes by incorporating various elements such as lighting installations, activities, paving improvements and green spaces into the design to strengthen High Street’s role as the center of Horsens. Furthermore it transforms the street into a place that accommodates various activities like shopping, leisure, meeting and play. These different interventions also extend the hours of use by keeping the street activated even when the shops close.

Spatially the proposal establishes three main zones on the street: a welcoming entrance, an intense central area, and a visit worthy destination. The entrance creates a smooth transition into the street. The central zone provides space for numerous activities and gathering areas that accommodate all age groups. The Church Square suggests a monumental and unprogrammed space that strengthens the image of Horsens as a destination, while simultaneously giving the locals the possibility to use it for various events, markets, etc.

The project aims to create a unique experience in Horsens and to strengthen the local community through urban design.


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